18 Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Ignoring You

The solely factor worse than a girlfriend who stifles you is a girlfriend who ignores you.

If this is occurring to you, I’m genuinely sorry! I’ve been there.

Here’s what to do.

18 things to do if your girlfriend is ignoring you

1) Find out why

First and foremost, attempt to discover out why your girlfriend is ignoring you.

If you know the foundation trigger, you can determine about what to do subsequent.

For instance, perhaps she’s ignoring you as a result of she’s going via a tough time and her response to that is to shut herself off.

Or perhaps she’s ignoring you as a result of she’s dishonest on you or desires to break up.

It makes a giant distinction why she’s ignoring you.

The question is how to discover out, and the way to know if she’s telling the reality if she does answer.

But eventually all of it comes down to the identical factor:

Ask her.

If she gained’t say, begin on the lookout for clues.

Just ensure not to get too obsessive or attempt to learn her thoughts.

Sometimes it’s very unclear about why she’s ignoring you and there’s seemingly no motive in any respect.

2) Hit the pause button on her

If your girlfriend is ignoring you and you can’t work out why, it’s extraordinarily upsetting.

It’s additionally simply plain miserable.

You need to interrogate her like a cop and ask what the hell is happening. Trust me, don’t do that.

Skip the textual content message barrage, too. It gained’t work and can simply drive her additional away.

I do know that proper now you most likely need nothing greater than to repair your relationship with this girl and get again heading in the right direction…

But the reality is, most of us overlook an extremely vital aspect in our lives:

The relationship we have now with ourselves.

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3) Give her some space

If your girlfriend is ignoring you and you don’t know why, giving her some space can’t damage.

There’s a proper and a flawed approach to do this.

Here’s the suitable approach:

Respectfully give her space and time alone whereas nonetheless sustaining cordial vital contact.

Here’s the flawed approach:

Glaring at her and actively ignoring her in particular person and in your texts and calls so as to get payback.

Giving your girlfriend space isn’t about reluctantly and resentfully backing off. It’s about reorienting your self briefly in a brand new course in order that she will have the time and space she wants to recenter and regroup.


As lengthy as you go about it the suitable approach by respectfully giving her space, you’re heading in the right direction.

No matter what is happening, displaying that you’re mature and self-sufficient sufficient to let up on the strain is each enticing and reassuring.

If she’s simply briefly coping with one thing unrelated to you, she’ll be deeply appreciative when she comes again round to her previous self.

4) Check your self

I’m not attempting to gaslight or doubt you in any approach, however if your girlfriend is ignoring you there is one thing you want to ensure of.

Basically it’s this:

Are you positive she’s ignoring you or has modified noticeably and that it’s not really you projecting onto her?

Sometimes after we are depressed or anxious we take somebody’s habits overly personally or imagine they’re treating us a sure approach deliberately.

But they’re not.

She would possibly simply be bodily drained by a brand new job.

Or actually into her new telephone.

I absolutely understand that even these new points could be annoying to you and be placing a pressure on the connection.

But the purpose is:

She may have a really cheap and justified motive for not wanting to be in contact a lot and seemingly ignoring you.

Be positive that your girlfriend is really ignoring you and that you’re not overreacting, as a result of generally as soon as you carry it up or it turns into a difficulty it’s too late to stroll again and sit back.

5) See if she wants to get assist

Life can actually take you for a wild experience, and generally it hits these closest to you.

Your girlfriend could also be having actual psychological well being issues and attempting her greatest to white-knuckle her approach via it.

If that makes her flip a chilly shoulder to you, it’s greatest not to take it personally.

Instead, you ought to gently attempt to carry up whether or not she’s doing OK and would possibly need to discuss to somebody.

Professional assist of assorted varieties, train and alternative therapies can all be efficient in coping with the doldrums of melancholy and the jagged edge of great panic dysfunction, OCD or psychosis.

If she’s coping with psychological points which have actually received her down, it stands to motive she might sound distant and uncommunicative.

This could be your likelihood to assist her.

I’m not guaranteeing that you will “solve” and even enhance her points by getting her assist and together with her to open up.

But you can definitely attempt, and you can stand by her aspect whereas she goes via this troublesome time.

6) Use this as an opportunity to improve your life

One of the most effective things you can do if your girlfriend is ignoring you is to use this as an opportunity to improve your personal life.

There is nobody prescription for a way to do this:

It all relies on you.

Start by getting a notepad or opening a doc. Then write down 5 things that carry you pleasure.

Here’s an instance of my 5 things:

  • Playing guitar
  • Lifting weights
  • Swimming
  • Cooking
  • Reading philosophy and low cost thriller novels

Write down your 5 things. Then do a minimum of one in all them on a weekly foundation.

This time that your girlfriend is ignoring you is the proper likelihood to shift gears and get into what you love to do.

If you’re too busy at work, simply attempt to slot in half an hour of one in all your 5 things.

7) Put down your telephone

One of the most effective things to do if your girlfriend is ignoring you is to put down your telephone.

If she’s not answering your texts and calls, the worst factor you can do is maintain pestering.

There’s an ideal music right here in Brazil about precisely this. It’s a duet referred to as “Baby, Answer the Phone!” (“Baby Me Atende”) by Matheus Fernandes and Dilsinho.

As they sing:

“Abandoned inside an condo,

Anxious, with a determined coronary heart…

Love and anger go hand in hand…

Oh child, answer me!

Oh how I need to throw my cellphone on the wall!”

The music is a bit of bit facetious, although it expresses an actual frustration. It factors out how terrible it is to be absolutely centered on somebody who’s not returning your calls and makes an attempt to contact them!

The extra you give it some thought and concentrate on it the nearer you are to shattering your smartphone on the wall.

Put down your telephone! Even only for two hours. Please…

8) Find out for positive if she’s actually ‘the one’

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, then you can’t be blamed for having doubts about whether or not she’s actually “the one.”

To be sincere, you’re most likely questioning if she’s actually proper for you.

Things might have been nice when you first received collectively, however now it appears like you’ve walked into an episode of the Twilight Zone and you simply need to get up.

Want a straightforward approach to inform if somebody actually is ‘the one’?

Let’s face it:

We can waste a number of time and vitality with individuals who finally we’re not meant to be with. True love is laborious to discover and discovering your soulmate is even tougher.

However, I’ve lately stumbled upon a brand new approach to determine it out which removes all of the doubt.

I received a sketch drawn for me of my soulmate from knowledgeable psychic artist.

Sure, I used to be a bit of skeptical getting in. But the craziest factor occurred – the drawing appears precisely like a lady I had lately met (and I do know she likes me),

If you need to discover out whether or not you’ve already met the one, get your personal sketch drawn right here.

9) Avoid getting offended

Do your greatest to keep away from getting offended at your girlfriend if she’s giving you the chilly shoulder.

That can flip right into a breakup fairly rapidly when phrases get harsh.

If you do have a meltdown and chuck your telephone towards the wall, do it in personal the place she’s not round!

In your communication makes an attempt, stay centered on “I” statements, somewhat than statements which blame her or put phrases in her mouth.

For instance, as a substitute of claiming “you are so passive aggressive when you get like this…”

Try saying “I have been feeling really isolated lately, because I really want someone to talk to.”

This makes it about your emotions and experiences, somewhat than blaming her. It lets her know your wants and tells her you are doing your greatest to be mature about this case.

As author Suzy Kassem says:

“We can not management the way in which individuals interpret our concepts or ideas, however we are able to management the phrases and tones we select to convey them.

“Peace is built on understanding, and wars are built on misunderstandings.”

10) Listen laborious

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, it’s straightforward to bounce to conclusions. But leaping to conclusions kills relationships.

Instead of this, do your greatest to pay attention to something she says.

If she says “I just need some time right now,” do your greatest to pay attention!

If she says one thing cryptic about your relationship, attempt your greatest to respectfully ask what she means after which pay attention.

She will open up when she’s prepared.

Showing that you gained’t interrupt and are keen to hear her out with out judgment can go a good distance to serving to her really feel comfy to open up.

Rolling your eyes, sighing deeply, making “harrumph” sounds and checking your watch consistently whereas she talks are all on the do not do checklist.

11) Break via the politeness

One of the highest explanation why companions begin ignoring one another in relationships is that they really feel uncomfortable with confrontation.

In order to keep away from a battle, they shut up and shut down.

This is very dangerous and usually spells the tip of the love connection.

The answer is to break via the politeness.

One of the most effective things to do if your girlfriend is ignoring you is to let her know that you can take no matter she desires to say.

Show her that you’re not going to take it personally. Be open to no matter she desires to inform or not inform you.

Get on with your life, as I’ve suggested, however if you need to make things work with your different half, you additionally want to present that you’re not going to be devastated if she tells you one thing you don’t need to hear…

12) Find her humorous bone

One of the worst things that may occur in a relationship is that there cease being any jokes or enjoyable experiences.

Everything begins feeling like an obligation, a chore or some sort of efficiency you’re placing on out of responsibility.

Maybe your girlfriend is feeling like that…

And perhaps you are too.

In many instances, the answer is to discover her humorous bone and begin embracing your interior comic.

Even if you don’t suppose you may make a good joke if your life relied on it, give it a attempt.

What do you have to lose?

Your girlfriend could be ignoring you, however if you can get her to giggle (even amusing she hides on the surface) then you’ve taken step one within the comeback course of…

13) Talk to a trusted good friend

If you’re on the lookout for things to do if your girlfriend is ignoring you, attempt speaking to a trusted good friend.

Being starved of contact and communication can do unusual things to your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes speaking to a trusted good friend actually is the most effective answer, a minimum of within the short-term.

Talk about life and love with her or him, and even play your favourite online game for awhile and commerce silly jokes.

Maybe go for a motorcycle experience and pedal away your troubles for a few hours.

Just get in on dwelling life a bit, as a substitute of immediately attempting to repair all the pieces abruptly with your girlfriend.

The relationship could also be over, or it might simply be in a tough patch.

But searching for out a detailed good friend and spending time with them is all the time an ideal concept, particularly if you’re not feeling properly about your relationship.

14) Share your pursuits along with her

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, ensure she’s not ignoring everybody out of boredom or feeling upset with life.

A great way to examine this is to share your interests with her.

Instead of simply cooking alone when you invite her over, invite her to assist out.

Invite her alongside when you go to the river and go kayaking. There’s nothing like take pleasure in some serene gliding and forested riverbanks to carry again some peace to a relationship.

If you’re very fascinated by vehicles, invite her alongside to take a look at drive some sizzling vehicles on the weekend…

Or to go snowboarding with you in some contemporary powder…

Whatever it is that you love to do, do your greatest to embrace her.

She could be feeling not noted and ignoring everybody as a sort of response to that.

Which brings me to my subsequent level:

15) Tap into the ability of a tribe

All of us want a tribe of some type, even if it’s online.

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, attempt tapping into the ability of a tribe.

Find a gaggle or place the place she will really feel seen, heard and accepted. Sometimes the answer to your relationship isn’t simply one-on-one communication.

It’s the embrace of a gaggle and friends and mates who perceive and welcome you.

Sometimes all it takes to get your girlfriend to open up is extra of a social setting the place completely different energies and personalities combine collectively and make her really feel extra comfy.

Even if she really loves you and needs to discuss to you, generally spending time speaking primarily to one particular person can depart us stifled…

It’s good to shake things up and check out a gaggle setting, new mates and new connections.

It simply could be the salve for your communication woes.

16) How lengthy has this been happening?

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, it’s an disagreeable expertise.

But you have to put it in context.

To do that, answer the next three questions:

One: how lengthy have you been collectively?

Two: how lengthy has she been ignoring you?

Three: did something occur simply earlier than she appeared to “disconnect”?

These three questions will assist information you as to what to do subsequent and the way to take into consideration her chilly habits on this state of affairs.

17) Why are you actually with your girlfriend?

If your girlfriend is ignoring you and you really need to cope with it, you’re going to have to be brutally sincere with your self.

I gained’t peek at your ideas and see what you’re pondering, this is utterly personal.

But be sincere with your self about why you’re with your girlfriend.

For instance:

Maybe you’re primarily with your girlfriend as a result of you discover her scorching sizzling and intensely bodily enticing.

Or perhaps you’re primarily with your girlfriend as a result of speaking to her and being round her makes you really feel emotionally stimulated and fulfilled.

Or perhaps you’re largely with your girlfriend as a result of you have a gnawing concern and nausea about being alone and deserted.

Be sincere.

There doesn’t have to be just one motive. But attempt to give you one or two foremost explanation why you’re along with her.

Then take into consideration whether or not this tough time and her habits actually deserves you persevering with to be invested within the relationship…

18) Dump her

Another choice that you want to bear in mind is, after all, the chief choice:

Dumping her.

This is removed from a straightforward determination, and you’re seemingly to surprise if she would have began connecting extra with you if you’d given her extra of an opportunity.

But there’s no approach for you to know that with out dwelling on some parallel universe timeline.

So since you’re dwelling on this timeline, you want to do what’s proper for you.

And if you know you’ve reached your restrict, generally ending things is all that’s left to do if you need to keep sane.

Before making this determination, ensure you’ve come to peace inside your self about ending this relationship.

Ask your self if it’s…

Time to pull the plug?

If your girlfriend is ignoring you and nothing you do adjustments that, you’re finally confronted with a quite simple question:

Should you pull the plug?

My sincere recommendation is sure.

Unless this is the love story of the ages and you are completely devoted to making this work, she’s made her mattress and it’s time for her to lie in it.

Why pressure it?

Say your goodbyes and get on with your life.

If she actually loves you she will come after you. It’s time to reside by your personal phrases.

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