16 Blatant Signs A Married Man Is Using You (And What To Do Next)

Are you seeing a married man?

It might be an thrilling, intense and typically hair-raising expertise. One second you assume he’s actually in love with you, the subsequent you really feel he couldn’t care much less about you.

Here are the highest signs that you’ll by no means be something greater than a diversion for a married man.

Watch out for these disturbing signs.

16 blatant signs a married man is using you

1) He doesn’t open up to you in any respect

One of the worst blatant signs a married man is using you is that he stays a closed ebook. Even if you’ve been seeing one another for months, he’s past your attain emotionally. He could make the one offhand remark from time to time about his life.

Or inform you some primary biographical particulars. But he’s roughly off limits to you when it comes to his deeper ideas, emotions and personal life.

He simply exhibits up searching for a enjoyable and intimate time with you after which geese out quickly after.

Even instances you spend collectively that last more, you could end up reflecting and notice that it was solely actually you who opened up. That type of a one-sided association isn’t sufficient to fulfil anybody.

2) He solely calls when he needs intercourse

The most annoying of the blatant signs a married man is using you is when he solely calls you for intercourse.

He’s candy as pie when he’s getting what he needs. But if you’re not within the temper or are busy when he’s frisky, immediately the appeal switches off. He goes chilly on you.

He could not return requires a variety of days, or give you a wan smile when you subsequent see him.

These sorts of juvenile and poisonous video games are sufficient to drive anybody mad and make you need to minimise off contact fully.

The drawback is that if you’ve developed some emotions for him, you could discover that a lot simpler stated than executed.

Sex with any individual you care about and respect could also be a nice expertise, nevertheless it’s a lot completely different when you can see that it’s purely transnational and bodily for him.

3) You really feel like rubbish round him

One of probably the most blatant signs a married man is using you is that you really feel like rubbish round him.

He treats you like a discardable object. When he’s executed with you, you really feel like a ebook that’s been put again on the shelf in a darkish nook, musty and alone.

Then you begin getting down about ever meeting somebody who will really recognise and deserve you.

I get it, imagine me…

Have you ever requested your self why love is so arduous?

Why can’t or not it’s how you imagined rising up? Or no less than make some sense…

When you’re coping with being utilised by a married man, it’s straightforward to develop into annoyed and even really feel helpless.

You could even be tempted to throw within the towel and quit on love.

I need to counsel doing one thing completely different.

I need you to take a look at love in a fully new means, as this free video from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê teaches.

This is not your typical feel-good claptrap. This is actual recommendation from the guts, and it’s from a man who’s been via lots of the identical struggles in relationships as everybody else.

4) He has no plans to depart his spouse for you

Asking or anticipating a married man to depart his spouse for you will often finish in bitter disappointment.

It’s fairly uncommon. But that doesn’t imply that a man can’t be tempted.

When he’s really falling for you and appreciating your company, he’s going to have a arduous time turning you down for one thing extra severe.

That’s why one of many blatant signs a married man is using you is that he doesn’t even faux to think about altering his life for you.

Every second with him is crystal clear that this simply a dalliance. There’s not even a trace of temptation for him to flip his life the other way up.

He’s bought you filed away in simply the correct class. You’re a side piece, and he’d by no means take into consideration making huge adjustments to be with you.

Not precisely comforting to know, is it?

5) He makes use of you as an emotional receptacle

In addition to using you as a bodily receptacle (yuck), a married man who’s solely profiting from you will unload on you emotionally.

This can embody always complaining and venting to you…

Crawling to you when he’s down and anticipating to be cared for and stroked like a little seal pup…

And in any other case demanding that you present consolation, recommendation and encouragement to him as he goes via the ups and downs of life.

This is codependent and slimy habits on his half if he’s by no means returning the favour.

If it is mutual and you’re discovering the bond significant, that’s truthful sufficient, however remember the fact that if it’s very one-sided that’s often intentional on his half.

He needs you there for him when he’s down, however when you are, he’s a million miles away.

6) He leads you on to get intercourse and intimacy

A twist on the earlier factors is when a married man is solely in it for the intercourse and the emotional consolation, however he hints at one thing extra and leads you on.

He can inform you’re extra hooked up than he is, so he stokes these merciless hopes as a means to get an limitless provide of intimacy from you.

This is a fairly cynical factor to do, and hopefully you’re not going via it. But remember the fact that some cheaters are fairly shadowy folks, and so they can have interaction in some actually emotionally manipulative habits.

I’m not saying this is true of all married males who cheat, nevertheless it’s definitely a habits that a few of them have interaction in.

They make the most of you hoping for one thing extra, dropping hints that they “might” need to sometime as effectively…

But all they’re actually doing is hitting the snooze button.

Emotional manipulation is a common trait in narcissistic folks, and if you’re coping with a married man who is doing things like this, you are greatest suggested to get distant from him ASAP.

7) He ignores what you say to him

Another one of many huge and blatant signs a married man is using you is that he ignores what you say.

He doesn’t bear in mind, he hardly ever makes eye contact and he often solely shrugs, grunts or says things like “yeah, absolutely” and “for sure” to no matter you’re saying.

If he’s performing like this, he doesn’t give a fig. You can inform your self it’s simply his robust and slent type of character.

But within the overwhelming majority of instances it’s a man who doesn’t care about you and is simply using you as a little bit of enjoyable on the side.

If he simply doesn’t care what you’re saying or concentrate, don’t make excuses for him.

Maybe he did have a busy day, perhaps he is harassed, perhaps he has had a few too many drinks.

But if he wished to hear, he would. Harsh however true.

8) He typically cancels your conferences on the final minute

One of the opposite blatant signs a married man is using you is when he always cancels on you on the final minute.

He places his spouse and household forward of you, which might be comprehensible.

But he additionally places his work forward of you…

His buddy’s birthday…

An unique sale at a retailer he loves that’s just one for immediately…

And no matter else he wants to do for the time being from an oil change to a haircut.

You come final, and you’re an afterthought.

He doesn’t even strive to cover it, though he could strive to exaggerate the significance of what he’s canceling on you for.

Don’t settle for these sorts of excuses.

If he’s preserving you as a backup plan and canceling on you on a regular basis, you have a proper to put your foot down and let him understand it’s not a means you permit your self to be handled.

9) Get an outdoor perspective

There are some conditions that may get very messy, particularly when a married man is concerned.

Friends of mine who bought into these sorts of affairs actually went via the wringer. Want recommendation particular to your scenario?

While this text explores the principle signs a married man is using you, it may be useful to communicate to a relationship coach about your scenario.

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They’re a very fashionable useful resource for folks dealing with this form of problem, and so they’re not judgemental or shallow.

How do I do know?

Well, I reached out to them a few months in the past once I was going via a robust patch in my very own relationship.

After being lost in my ideas for thus lengthy, they gave me a distinctive perception into the dynamics of my relationship and the way to get it again on monitor.

They informed me some arduous truths, however additionally they gave some excellent news about how to sort out my issues from a unique approach that I hadn’t been anticipating.

I used to be blown away by how variety, empathetic, and genuinely useful my coach was.

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10) He retains you a secret even from his associates

If you’re seeing a married man then it stands to purpose that he needs to preserve it discreet.

If he hasn’t informed his spouse and you two are having a bootleg affair, then he has each purpose to be certain your time collectively stays low key.

Nonetheless, one of many blatant signs a married man is using you is that he’s fully obsessive about preserving you a secret. He doesn’t introduce you even when his greatest buddy video calls whereas he’s with you, or he’ll deny realising you if you share mutual associates.

If you work collectively, he could deliberately act like he doesn’t like you or has no thought who you are.

He may additionally studiously avoid going out with you in public, consuming in public and mainly going wherever you could possibly be seen by somebody who is aware of he’s a married man.

He may additionally spray tan or use make-up the place his ring was or do different bizarrely finicky things to cover that he’s married in case even a lodge receptionist notices.

In quick: he tries so arduous to cover any reference to you that it’s nearly like he’s ashamed. And perhaps he is ashamed: of dishonest, of you, of being caught. But that’s a lot to dwell with, and being the article of this sort of disgrace can lead to a lot of points.

11) He asks you for actually huge favours a lot

This merchandise might be true in a number of situations. It’s very true when you’re speaking about a married man who you’re seeing.

The purpose is that as a married man he isn’t making a dedication to you.

Yet he nonetheless asks you for giant favours very often.

This can embody:

  • Loans of money
  • Rides to get locations
  • Advice on essential and time-sensitive points
  • Medical assist or recommendation
  • Assistance in shopping for groceries or merchandise
  • Help shifting, cleansing or doing different duties

If he’s bought you in these sorts of roles, then his favors have develop into a bit excessive.

No matter how a lot you like him, think about the “trade balance.”

Do you ever ask him for favours? If so, what’s the approximate ratio?

12) He by no means makes you a precedence, even as soon as

As I discussed earlier, one of many prime most blatant signs a married man is using you is that he at all times places you final.

It’s vital to point out that this is a pattern which can happen slowly.

At first there could also be no actual scenario the place you discover how he thinks of you or how a lot of a precedence you are.

The instances that he turns down meeting due to being busy or having one other dedication are one thing you don’t take personally, and you transfer on.

But as your time with this man will increase and you begin to have emotions, concentrate to the place you are on the pecking order.

It’s common for romantic emotions to typically blind us to goal info.

Manipulators know this, which is why they so typically make lame excuses for his or her errant habits and people in love settle for them.

If a married man is using you, you’ll know as a result of he by no means makes you a precedence.

Even if you want pressing assist or have an emergency, you’ll discover that he passes you off to another person or tells you to name the authorities.

13) He’s sexually irresponsible and reckless at your expense

Another one of many unlucky and blatant signs a married man is using you is that he’s sexually reckless.

What do I imply by this?

I imply that he doesn’t care about using safety, barely pays consideration about precautions you could or will not be taking and roughly doesn’t appear to care about discussing sexual safety.

You could level out that this is a danger for him too if he doesn’t know you effectively, and that’s completely true.

If a man doesn’t appear to care about using safety or being pregnant you have to marvel what number of different ladies he’s performing this manner in direction of as effectively.

At the identical time, his lack of concern in your wellbeing exhibits that you’re not more than a intercourse toy for him.

If he doesn’t appear to care in any respect about being sexually accountable, this is not a man you need to spend an excessive amount of time round until he radically shifts his methods.

14) He brazenly checks out and flirts with different ladies round you

Another one of many blatant signs a married man is using you is that he checks out different ladies when he’s round you.

More to the purpose, if he is dishonest on you in addition to his spouse, it’s much more proof that you don’t imply a lot to him and he doesn’t have a lot respect for you.

However, it may be more durable to discover out whether or not he’s dishonest on you, too. For that purpose, concentrate to his habits when you meet different ladies or cross them.

If he’s brazenly checking them out and measuring their curves together with his eyes, this man is not very focused on you past what’s beneath your lingerie.

You could make all the reasons you need, but when he was actually focused on getting to know you and valuing you as a human being, his consideration wouldn’t instantly be diverted by different enticing ladies he crossed paths with.

15) He expects you to at all times be obtainable for him

If you’re seeing a married man, one factor is clear: he has a lot of constraints based mostly on being married and particularly if he has children.

If you’re single, you presumably are extra open to answer his calls, texts and messages. But that doesn’t imply you’re simply a free-for-all buffet.

You nonetheless have commitments, you nonetheless have days you don’t really feel effectively, and you nonetheless have last-minute things and crises which come up and lead to cancelling.

That’s why it’s simply not affordable for him to count on you to at all times be obtainable.

And if he is, you want to get him to do a actuality test and notice that simply because he has much less time and availability, it doesn’t imply he can deal with you like one thing he orders on Uber Eats.

16) He withholds his time and a spotlight if you aren’t into intercourse

Withholding intercourse to manipulate your accomplice is a unhappy factor.

It occurs in severe relationships, marriages, and in addition in affairs. If you are seeing a married man who is simply using you for intercourse and company, he’ll typically do this.

He will withhold his time and company if you don’t give him your physique. It’s revolting and transnational, and it’s not too arduous to spot.

If you discover that this man is holding again his availability when you maintain again on intimacy, it’s almost certainly what’s taking place.

He rations out his time and a spotlight when you give him bodily affection.

If that’s taking place, relaxation assured that you are getting used and in addition being disrespected and valued at a low stage.

What to do subsequent…

If you’re being utilised by a married man, I don’t envy you.

Being utilised in hookups and even emotionally is one factor, however when a man is using you each bodily and emotionally whereas having zero intent of ever committing, it may depart you feeling terribly annoyed and empty.

Earlier I really helpful watching a free video from the shaman Rudá Iandê.

He taught me that the way in which to discover love and intimacy is not what we’ve been culturally conditioned to imagine.

In truth, many people self-sabotage and trick ourselves for years, getting in the way in which of meeting a accomplice who can really fulfil us.

As Rudá explains in his thoughts blowing free video, many people chase love in a poisonous means that finally ends up stabbing us within the again.

We get caught in terrible relationships or empty encounters, by no means actually discovering what we’re searching for and persevering with to really feel horrible about things like discovering the correct man however within the flawed scenario.

And the place may that be extra true than when you’re beginning to have emotions for a married man?

Here’s the factor: Rudá genuinely will get it. While watching, I felt like somebody understood my struggles to discover and nurture love for the primary time – and at last supplied an precise, sensible answer to feeling utilised by lovers and romantic companions.

If you’re executed with unsatisfying courting, empty hookups, irritating relationships and having your hopes dashed again and again, then this is a message you want to hear.

I assure you is not going to be dissatisfied by what Rudá has to say.

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