15 Best Video Game Cheat Codes of All-Time

By coming into CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, L2, L1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE (within the PS2 model of the sport), GTA 3 gamers may spawn an invincible Rhino tank that would destroy another automobile with one cannon shot. It was the cheat you relied on while you have been about to give up enjoying or have been feeling particularly pissed off/harmful. Sure, it typically broke the sport and slowed the framerate to a crawl, however these drawbacks actually simply spotlight how insane and pleasant this cheat was. 

14. NBA Jam – Unlockable Character Cheats

Long earlier than Fortnite let John Wick shoot Superman, NBA Jam was the undisputed king of weird character cameos that led to actually wild aggressive matchups.

Depending on which model of the sport you have been enjoying, NBA Jam allow you to take the court docket as Bill Clinton, Reptile, Warren Moon, “Air Dog,” Prince Charles, Will Smith, and so many extra actually weird characters that we used to impress our buddies earlier than we refused to inform them the cheat code we used to unlock them.


Star Was Jedi Outcust dismemberment cheat

13. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast – Dismemberment Debug Code

For years, Star Wars followers requested the question, “Wait, wouldn’t a lightsaber just instantly cut through anyone it touched?” While most of us knew the explanations that we by no means obtained to see that impact within the motion pictures, many of us secretly hoped that we might someday get to see what a lightsaber may actually do.

That day got here the primary time you realized that Jedi Outcast contained one of the perfect cheat codes ever. By opening this PC traditional’s debug menu and utilizing the “helpusobi 1” code, Jedi Outcast gamers may unlock the “realistic” lightsaber fight possibility that allowed you to cut off enemy limbs and heads and even simply give them the outdated Darth Maul particular. 

12. Metroid – The Mysterious Justin Bailey Code

While Metroid’s “Justin Bailey” password/cheat code is actually memorable for what it unlocks (Samus’ bodysuit design and a set of gear, weapons, and gadgets), the enduring legacy of this code is its mysterious origins and the numerous myths it impressed.

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