10 Things It Means When A Guy Calls You Cute

It at all times feels good to be complimented. However, typically it makes us marvel: is there one thing behind somebody’s good phrases? Do they’ve an ulterior motive?

It’s particularly difficult when somebody of the other intercourse compliments you. You simply can’t assist however assume that it’s doable that they’re making an attempt to flirt with you.

Most particularly if he compliments your seems to be and calls you cute! Here are the ten most probably meanings behind him calling you cute.

Without additional ado, listed here are ten doable meanings for when a guy calls you cute!

Why would he inform you that you’re cute?

Sometimes, it truly doesn’t really feel good to be known as cute.

It’s cheap if you really feel pandered to or perhaps infantilized. After all, what can we normally consider when we hear the phrase cute? Toddlers and puppies, proper?”

“I’m not a child, I’m a woman!” you may assume to your self. You wish to be considered fascinating and attractive.

There are many different phrases that you’d like to listen to aside from cute:

  • Beautiful
  • Gorgeous
  • Pretty
  • Stunning

You know, things that make you appear to be the grown grownup that you are. Don’t fret, nevertheless.

He’s most probably additionally interested in how you appear like. However, he’s additionally drawn to your character and character which deepens how a lot he needs you.

1) He thinks your magnificence is past skin-deep.

When he calls you cute, he’s not simply saying that he finds you handsome. Instead, he thinks you’re a beautiful woman inside and out.

He loves just about all the pieces about you, out of your smile to your eyes, to how your brain works—you’re simply an superior, inspiring individual in his eyes.

He finds your company enjoyable and fulfilling. He looks like there’s at all times one thing to realize or be taught from when he’s with you.

He feels glad and uplifted each time he talks to you and even your disagreements with him are very attention-grabbing to him.

Of course, he additionally finds you extraordinarily bodily enticing. He finds how you look naturally extremely stunning.

So it doesn’t matter what you’re sporting, or if you’re sporting make-up or not, he finds you simply as attractive all the identical.

When a guy thinks you’re stunning inside and outside, then you know that you have his coronary heart. It’s the final word stage of need and attraction.

He’s not simply making an attempt to get laid, he truly needs you as his girlfriend in a severe relationship!

2) He likes your character

When males praise your bodily look, they normally use phrases like “pretty” or “beautiful.” On the opposite hand, utilizing “cute” is normally a extra playful method of claiming that.

So when he calls you cute, this means that he actually likes being round you. He likes your character and character, not simply how you appear like.

It’s removed from simply skin-level attraction to your outward look. He doubtless thinks many facets about you are cute and enticing:

  • Your character
  • Your method of talking
  • Your goals
  • Your humor
  • Your hobbies

There’s simply one thing about you that makes him really feel bubbly and glad—that’s why he makes use of the phrase cute.

As they are saying in French, “je ne sais quoi.” How he feels towards you is indescribable, if not a bit overwhelming.

Think of it as a praise to your complete being, your very existence.

3) He needs to be your boyfriend

He may by chance name you cute when he’s enamored with you whereas the 2 of you are interacting. He was a bit lost in thought of simply how a lot he’s infatuated with you.

If this occurs, then he was doubtless fantasizing about all of the cute things you would do if you guys had been a couple. It’s a clear signal that he’s fascinated about making you his girlfriend.

He’s surprised by your magnificence, however he’s additionally extremely fascinated by your character. He needs to be your boyfriend, and that is a signal that he simply may truly be boyfriend materials: he likes all the pieces about you.

Those daydreams and fantasies of you being collectively? Don’t be shocked if he tries to make them a actuality.

4) He’s beginning to flirt with you

Every lady is aware of how a lot males like flirting and teasing us. It’s their method of giving us hints that they’re fascinated about us.

However, when they’re nonetheless starting to flirt with you, it might be a bit extra refined. That’s the explanation he calls you “cute.”

It feels a bit extra casual as a result of phrases like “pretty” or “beautiful” are extra direct and aggressive. He needs to maintain things gentle and tries to play it cool to start with.

It’s simply step one earlier than he flirts with you extra and tells you increasingly more concerning the things he loves about you.

5) He thinks that you’re a formidable and impartial lady

Being known as cute can really feel infantilizing, however he doubtless additionally thinks that you’re a nice individual throughout. He sees and acknowledges that you’re impartial, clever, and even a bit sassy.

He is aware of that you’re the actual deal, basically. That’s why he’s calling you cute as a result of he additionally needs to see the extra playful facet of you.

He is aware of that you don’t want validation from different individuals, that you want sincere and honest communication as an alternative. However, he nonetheless needs to be a bit cheeky with you.

There are most likely things about your life that he finds fascinating, if not even intimidating. He sees you as a full, advanced human being, even when he calls you cute.

6) He needs to be your hero

There’s some reality to the stereotype that males wish to be the hero—most particularly for the ladies he cares about. Simply put, he needs to guard you as a result of he needs to see you secure and glad.

Men wish to really feel just like the hero for the ladies they love not simply due to that, nevertheless. They additionally wish to impress you by proving to you that they’re robust and reliable.

So don’t be shocked if:

  • He’s at all times making an attempt to assist you out
  • He tries to unravel your issues even when you didn’t ask
  • He at all times tries to make you snigger or be glad
  • It looks like he’s at all times making an attempt to do things that can make you praise him.

Because he needs to be the person for you, he needs to be probably the most spectacular man to you.

7) He has a lot of enjoyable with you

If he calls you cute, then this means he’s pleasant and cozy sufficient with you to try this. He enjoys being playful and foolish with you.

This means that you’re very easy to be round with and that he at all times enjoys it when you hang around. Your company may be very comforting for him.

Whether it’s in individual or simply by texting, each interplay with you is enjoyable and significant for him. You’re simply a candy individual in his eyes that he can’t get sufficient of.

He needs you to understand how particular you are to him and that is why he addresses you affectionately!

8) He needs to be affectionate with you

He’s being affectionate along with his phrases as a result of he needs to expertise things just like the cute things we enjoy in a relationship. He needs this affection to grow to be one thing extra.

He’s most likely fantasizing about doing romantic things with you, like:

  • Cuddling collectively
  • Making you breakfast in mattress
  • Massaging you
  • Kissing you below the rain

You make him really feel giddy and bubbly and that’s why he calls you cute. He’s probaly dying to hug and cuddle with you.

When he calls you cute, then he undoubtedly has all these candy things in thoughts! That’s the supply of his compliments.

9) He thinks you’re naturally stunning

When he says you’re cute, he means that you look good it doesn’t matter what. Regardless of what they’re sporting or how their hair is that day, your magnificence defies any and all vogue developments.

Whatever you appear like, he can’t assist however stare at you as a result of he thinks you’re downright attractive. “Cute” is an understatement of simply how superb he thinks you appear like naturally.

It’s not nearly your seems to be both. The method you transfer, the best way you discuss, the best way your snigger sounds, the best way you contact your hair—all of those things captivate his coronary heart.

If you’re a cute lady in his eyes, then that means you’re genuine and exquisite it doesn’t matter what. Whether you’re sporting office put on, a midnight robe, a primary high with denims, and even simply pajamas, you’re the apple of his eye!

10) There is extra he needs to say

As we mentioned earlier than, when guys name you cute, it’s most likely the start of their efforts to flirt with you. There are different things he adores about you, and he needs to precise these things, however he’s most likely nonetheless too nervous.

If he calls you cute, it’s casual and there’s no strain, however it’s nonetheless a method of telling you that he’s interested in you. It’s a secure and dependable place to begin to greater efforts in romancing you.

Despite this, do not forget that it’s at all times nerve-wracking to go for somebody you like, so that is most likely the bravest factor he’s mentioned thus far. It speaks of simply how a lot he likes you!

Negative the reason why he may be calling you cute

Despite these, you can’t at all times safely draw these conclusions when he calls you cute. Unfortunately, there are additionally detrimental the reason why a man may inform you that you’re cute.

Here are the three greatest detrimental the reason why.

He’s utilizing you to spice up his ego

This notably applies if he’s the darkish, brooding, and edgy sort of guy and you’re a mild, caring lady—like a mother, basically. Be cautious if so.

He may be calling you cute to make you really feel inclined to stay with him as a result of you treatment the insecurities he feels. He feels higher about himself as a result of he’s shut with women, particularly ones he finds enticing however will not be significantly fascinated about.

Be cautious as a result of they are usually insincere and manipulative.

He’s utilizing you for his benefit

He may be calling you cute as a result of he has an ulterior motive and never as a result of he truly thinks you’re cute. He’s most likely making an attempt to get in your good facet and get you to belief him as a result of he needs one thing out of you.

This is textbook narcissistic conduct. Narcissists at all times attempt to get probably the most profit for themselves, particularly by utilizing different individuals in scummy methods.

Ask your self: are you a type individual? Kinder than different individuals, even?

If so, then he most likely thinks you’re gullible and is making an attempt to make the most of you. One good

He’s making an attempt to get into your pants

He may cute if he’s conscious that you have some insecurities or vanity points. Be very cautious if so.

It’s not unreasonable of you to maintain your guard up if he’s continually telling you that you’re cute. It’s doable that he needs you to fall in love with him.

He needs to get you to fall in love with him. And no, it’s not as a result of he’s sincerely fascinated about a relationship with you.

He simply needs a straightforward method to have intercourse with you, particularly if he’s a narcissist.

How ought to you reply when a guy calls you cute?

When you are known as cute by somebody, it’s essential to reply humanely. For instance, you can merely say “thank you” and even with a cheeky “I know.”

These are all balanced and impartial methods to reply to the praise. You’re nonetheless being well mannered and thanking them, however you’re not exposing your self emotionally and mentally an excessive amount of.

However, if you’re coping with a guy you’re positive you’re not fascinated about or who you know is manipulative or insecure—those who’ve the detrimental causes we listed above, then that is what you ought to do. Tell him “I know” however in a severe and agency method.

Then, proceed what you had been doing and transfer on from it fully. This will kill the attraction or his makes an attempt at utilizing you if that is what you assume you ought to do.

Bottom line

A praise, when honest, is meant to make the receiver be ok with themselves. It might be misused, nevertheless, whether or not deliberately or not, to make somebody really feel uncomfortable or to attempt to manipulate them.

There’s no surefire method to decide if somebody is being real or pretend (or sarcastic). This is why it’s essential to think about the context of the connection you have with that man.

In doing so, you can slim down the doable the reason why he may be calling you cute. From there, you can decide tips on how to react.

While him complimenting you this manner may be a dangerous factor in some eventualities, it’s normally a good factor. And it’s a good factor as a result of not solely does he discover you bodily enticing, however he’s fully captivated by your complete being!

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