10 Surprising Reasons Why People Lie In Relationships

What makes some people lie in relationships? Why do they do it? Is mendacity ever okay?

People lie for numerous reasons, however mendacity has at all times been part of human nature. Lies can get us out of some sticky conditions in life, however in addition they trigger issues.

There are numerous reasons why people lie in a relationship.

Some of those reasons are common, whereas some are uncommon. Read on to find the highest ten reasons why people lie in love.

Is mendacity common in relationships?

Yes, it’s. In truth, mendacity, in basic, is common. It doesn’t matter who you’re, mendacity is a common trait.

No matter how a lot we could value honesty, research recommend that almost all of us inform lies in our relationships.

In truth, shows that 73.4% of people who had been in a relationship for at the least a year admitted to mendacity to their companions.

Psychologist Bella DePaulo’s research reveals that we lie in round one-fifth of our social exchanges that final over 10 minutes.

During a mean week we’re telling whoppers to round 30% of people we’re interacting with.

What is probably extra vital is the frequency with which somebody lies, and the size of these lies.

Not all lies are equal, and the motivation behind the lie is prone to affect how damaging that lie may be.

What causes people to lie in a relationship?

1) To keep away from hurting others’ emotions

You might imagine that mendacity is rarely okay, otherwise you may assume that it is dependent upon the state of affairs. Many of us really feel that so-called “white lies” can generally be kinder than the reality.

It is pure that we wish our companions to be completely happy, and so we will fall into people-pleasing lies.

For occasion, in case your associate asks whether or not you just like the dinner they’ve lovingly ready for you, however you don’t. Or in the event that they wish to know what you consider the reward they purchased you for Christmas, and in precise truth you hate it.

On these events, loads of us inform fibs in order to spare the emotions of the people we care about.

We make a judgement name to protect others from the cruel fact in an try to guard them. Sometimes the reality isn’t as vital as protecting the peace and being type.

For instance, in case your associate has a specific insecurity, is being trustworthy extra vital than being tactful?

If you don’t like their new outfit or haircut do you have to inform them? A number of us determine it’s higher to err on the side of warning and lie as an alternative for the sake of being well mannered.

2) To cover up unhealthy habits

As youngsters after we discovered learn how to lie we discovered that lies will help you to keep away from punishment. And it is a working theme that follows us into maturity too.

Sometimes we lie as a result of we’re afraid of getting caught out doing one thing unhealthy. Perhaps probably the most basic instance in the world of romance is infidelity.

In this manner, we use lies to attempt to disguise our errors.

Taking duty for our personal actions can really feel like an enormous ask. The brutal fact is that the cowardly route usually feels simpler.

Rather than run the danger of shedding a associate by coming clear, many people will attempt to cover their tracks and inform lies as an alternative.

These greater lies could contain overlaying up dishonest, dependency, and even legal exercise.

When we lie to cover up unhealthy habits, we frequently find yourself inflicting extra hassle than we resolve. We could lose belief in our associate, and harm the connection past restore.

Keeping huge secrets and techniques inside a relationship can shortly result in its downfall.

3) To keep away from battle

We all know that conflicts are inevitable when two people are collectively. However, generally we select to not withstand this actuality.

If you’re afraid of battle, you then may resort to mendacity merely to keep away from confrontation. You could say things like:

“I’m fine,” “It doesn’t bother me,” or “I didn’t notice.”

But beneath, you’re really feeling anxious, upset, and uncomfortable.

The drawback with utilising lies to keep away from battle is that they solely work quickly. Eventually, you’ll have to take care of the problem head-on.

The fact feels scary to confess since you are scared of shedding your associate if you reveal it.

But for those who’re frightened of rocking the boat in your relationship, you may find yourself burying relationship issues which can be certain to resurface once more.

It’s vital to have the ability to categorical our wants and needs to our companions, and if you’re too fearful of battle, usually this doesn’t occur.

4) To make themselves seem higher than they are surely

Lying can even assist people to really feel extra enticing.

People could lie about their weight, top, age, job, training, wage, or social standing.

But the underlying motivation is similar. It’s about bigging themselves up in the hope they are going to appear extra interesting.

The goal of the lie is to impress. But deep down people who inform these sorts of lies are often insecure in a way.

They aren’t assured that who they are surely is nice sufficient. And so that they stretch the reality or invent things that they assume are extra fascinating.

Online relationship generally is a hotbed for all these lies.

People could lie about their age, turning again the clock in the hopes of attracting extra suiters. They may lie about their physique kind and determine or their job and monetary standing. Plenty additionally lie about their relationship standing too.

Whatever it’s, as many as 57% of people admit to mendacity to one another on their on-line relationship profiles.

5) To disguise one thing they’re ashamed of

Lying is sort of a protect that we use to guard ourselves.

Often that protect is to forestall embarrassment. And so for those who’re embarrassed about one thing, you may attempt to cover it up.

In truth, many people lie to cover embarrassing secrets and techniques comparable to drug use, debt, or alcohol abuse.

Shame may be an extremely highly effective motivator that causes us to cover the reality from the people we care most about. We fear our associate will assume much less of us.

Even after we haven’t instantly achieved one thing unhealthy in direction of our different half, we nonetheless really feel the necessity to lie about things now we have achieved to ourselves that we’re ashamed about.

It is simply too confronting to confess, and so we hold quiet.

6) To manipulate somebody or a state of affairs

Lying could also be dishonest, however that doesn’t imply it doesn’t generally get us what we wish.

And so, generally people lie motivated by satisfying their very own agenda and pursuits.

Narcissists inside a relationship for instance usually lie to get their very own means and management you. They could lie to get consideration, money, intercourse, or energy over others.

Some people lie to achieve sympathy or to win arguments. Others lie to trick somebody into doing one thing they wouldn’t in any other case do.

Sometimes people lie to govern others in a means that serves them. Another phrase for this may also be utilising someone.

7) To shield their ego

Nobody likes to be incorrect.

We can discover ourselves reaching for a lie inside a relationship in order to avoid wasting face and shield our fragile ego.

You don’t wish to look silly or be seen as being weak. So you’ll say something to keep away from wanting silly.

It’s a type of self-protection and defence mechanism at any time when we really feel threatened.

The lie is there to guard them from being damage, their ego from feeling crushed or their flaws from being uncovered.

8) For the fun of it

If the considered mendacity being a thrill appears fairly unusual to you, then you could be stunned to listen to there may be some logic behind all of it.

For some people, significantly pathological liars who appear unable to assist themselves, mendacity can set off the danger and reward heart in the brain.

It’s just like the best way some people get a kick out of dangerous habits. When this occurs, telling lies can develop into ordinary and tough to regulate because it’s nearly automated.

Lying turns into like second nature to them. They lie as a result of it feels good to.

9) It’s simply simpler than coping with the reality

Sometimes people resort to mendacity as a result of they lack the abilities to speak successfully about tough topics.

What on the floor may be justified as sparing another person’s emotions is definitely much less about defending the opposite individual from the reality — and extra about defending themselves from the discomfort of the reality.

Lies in the mean time we inform them really feel simpler than going through as much as actuality.

Many people excuse lies in relationships telling themselves they’re being type, however really they’re being weak.

They don’t know learn how to inform somebody they now not love them, so that they hold quiet. They don’t know learn how to elevate a tough problem, so that they don’t.

But sadly, these types of lies by omission aren’t going wherever. At some level, we have to discover the braveness to say what’s on our minds, irrespective of how uncomfortable it feels.

10) It’s a coping technique

People use lies to deal with stress, nervousness, despair, grief, trauma, anger, concern, disgrace, loneliness, and plenty of different uncomfortable human feelings.

They lie after they’re indignant, unhappy, scared, confused, upset, responsible, ashamed, afraid, overwhelmed, and even bored.

They lie to make themselves really feel higher and shield their shallowness, self-confidence, or different feelings.

Some people can get so connected to their lies that they even begin to consider them. Lying is a type of coping methods we will cling to in life and in relationships.

The damaging results of mendacity in a relationship

We’ve established that almost all of us will lie sometimes inside our relationships, the kinds of lies we inform, and our motivation for it.

But what in regards to the penalties? What affect do lies have on our relationships?

Well, there are three principal areas the place lies can deeply have an effect on our relationships:

  • In communication
  • In belief
  • In dedication

Let’s take a better have a look at every space.


One of the most important issues brought on by lies is that they will result in misunderstandings and a deterioration in wholesome communication.

This could cause battle, damage emotions, resentment, and finally break down your relationship.

We can really feel like mendacity will get us out of adverse conditions and makes life simpler inside a relationship. But studying learn how to successfully talk difficult conversations is a crucial ability we have to know learn how to navigate.

Most relationships will stay or die by the extent of their communication, and mendacity can critically hinder this.


Another drawback brought on by lies is that it undermines belief.

If you lie to your associate about one thing, then they received’t essentially belief you anymore. Once lost, belief may be tough to regain.

They may question whether or not you actually imply what you say, or whether or not you’re telling the entire fact.

If they think you’re protecting secrets and techniques, they may find yourself feeling betrayed and disenchanted in you.

As a consequence, they may cease trusting you utterly.

Once belief has gone in a relationship it’s far tougher to be open and giving, and we could discover ourselves turning into extra closed off, jealous and protecting.


Finally, mendacity additionally makes it tougher to decide to your relationship.

When you lie to your associate it reveals them that you just’re not reliable, which suggests you’re much less prone to comply with by on guarantees you make.

It additionally suggests to them that you just’re unreliable, which isn’t one thing many people are on the lookout for from a dedicated associate.

What do you do when somebody lies in a relationship?

Nobody likes lies, but all of us do it. That means some quantity of mendacity is probably inevitable inside a relationship.

If you watched a associate of mendacity, it’s best to at all times attempt to discuss things by first earlier than reacting.

Try to resolve the lie, perceive why they lied, and ask them loads of questions to clarify it to you.

Don’t instantly soar to conclusions. Not all lies are created equal. Some are greater than others. Remember that generally people simply don’t know what to say.

It’s as much as you to determine if the lie is critical or not.

Not solely will the lie itself usually decide whether or not it’s a deal-breaker for you, however maybe the intention behind the lie.

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