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10 Simple Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas

It’s straightforward to be mesmerised by Greek mythology: the gods and goddesses, the tales of affection and conflict — you can spend years delving into the entire folkloric tales. If you’re in search of a contemporary approach to honour the style’s fascinating historical past, you can choose to get a easy Greek mythology tattoo.

Fleur Noire Tattoo artist Frida Sedwick credit the recognition of Greek mythology tattoos to their potential to move you right into a legendary world. “Greek mythology opens a gateway to a land of magical possibilities that can be accessed by anyone of any age — how cool is that?” she tells.

While there are a whole bunch of subjects inside the Greek mythology realm you can select to get reworked into an ink design, Sedwick says her purchasers are inclined to gravitate towards Greek temples and gods and goddesses like Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Poseidon, and, after all, Zeus. Medusa — one of many three Gorgon sisters mentioned to have had hair product of reside, venomous snakes — can be understandably widespread.

You may get colourful ink to your tat, however to maintain it easy, Sedwick is a fan of using black and grey ink for mythology items. “It gives the vibe of old culture and rich history,” she explains. To persist with a extra minimalist design, contemplate define items, delicate placement, or micro ink.

As for selecting a design, she recommends giving your tattoo artist as many particulars as potential they might help translate your imaginative and prescient into one thing you’re pleased with. And, after all, bear in mind to observe your artist’s aftercare directions, which may fluctuate by design and artist, however usually embody avoiding baths, swimming, and direct daylight, and preserving the world correctly moisturised.

Before you scout an artist and schedule that appointment, scroll on for 10 beautiful and easy Greek mythology tattoos for some inspiration.

1. Athena

Opt for an interpretation of Athena, daughter of Zeus and the goddess of knowledge and conflict. This define tat consists of her detailed helmet and flanked in flowers.

2. Medusa

Medusa is among the hottest Greek mythological figures — for good motive. She’s recognised for her head of energetic snakes and her eyes that may flip any unsuspecting mortal man to stone. This tiny tat depicts her with minimalist traces and curves.

3. The Muses

In Greek mythology, the nine muses have been feminine figures who represented the humanities, serving to encourage the gods writing, poetry, and extra — which makes them an ideal design for creatives.

4. Atlas

Atlas was the Titan punished by Zeus and condemned to bear the load of the heavens on his shoulders. In this straightforward tattoo design, he’s depicted in a minimalist but eye-catching method.

5. Aphrodite

Most folks find out about Aphrodite: She’s the Greek goddess of affection and sweetness. Add an elegant design like this one — which pairs the goddess with delicate crimson stems — to your physique artwork assortment to make a significant assertion.

6. Nymph

Nymphs have been notable feminine figures in Greek mythology, recognised for presiding over our bodies of water and boosting the growth of crops. This tattoo design outlines the face of a nymph with flowers sprouting from her head to showcase her nature-healing prowess.

7. Trident

Poseidon was the god of the ocean, earthquakes, storms, and horses. This design takes a extra summary method to the trident, a fish-spearing software he’s usually depicted holding, by using curved traces and colourful flowers.

8. Greek Goddess

You may go along with a extra basic method to your mythological tattoo by getting a minimalist define of a Greek goddess determine decked out in a floral headpiece.

9. Cupid

Cupids are one other probably the most recognisable figures in Greek mythology. The winged messenger symbolises love and romance.

10. Artemis

As the god of the hunt, Artemis works as the proper Greek mythology tattoo for outdoorsy sorts who love nature, animals, and crops.

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