10 Signs You’re Just An Option To Him (And 5 Ways To Make Yourself A Precedence)

Afraid that a man likes you however he’s not in love with you and is just maintaining you round as an option?

It positively sucks, however the fact is, many ladies don’t perceive the signs that they’re being considered as an option.

Many guys act like this as a result of it’s simpler for them and so they know that women need a man who can all the time commit.

It will not be your fault, but it surely’s necessary to perceive if he’s treating you want an option so you may determine what to do subsequent.

Here are some signs you’re just an option to him, then we’ll focus on what you are able to do about it.

1. He doesn’t need to spend common time with you

If he’s making excuses for not spending a lot of time with you on a common foundation, it means he’s not that considering you or your relationship.

He might say he has to work, but when he actually needed to see you then he would discover the time.

He would surrender issues in his life if it means being with you.

If he doesn’t need to hang around with you constantly, then he’s just utilising you as an option when it’s good for him.

In a dedicated relationship, you want to make compromises so as to spend high quality time collectively.

But if he refuses to make time just for you, then that’s clearly a signal that he’s not prepared to make you a precedence in his life.

He could also be hanging out with you a little bit as a result of he doesn’t need to lose you fully, however that’s not a signal of curiosity it’s extra of a signal that he’s solely with you when it’s handy for him.

2. He places you within the pal zone

Sadly, I see it on a regular basis.

Women locked within the pal zone for years and don’t know why.

Some guys appear to make it a mission to maintain you within the pal zone with out honouring your want to date them.

They will provide you with hints that they want to date you, however when push comes to shove they need nothing to do with a romantic dedicated relationship.

This is frequent if you happen to’re having a Friends With Benefits relationship. This means he’s solely considering intercourse with you and doesn’t need to commit to a correct emotionally invested relationship,

Don’t idiot yourself and suppose in any other case.

I do know that he says he has emotions for you, but when a man retains making excuses for not spending time with you then it’s doubtless that he’s maintaining his choices open just in case he finds somebody he likes greater than you.

Women are very delicate about rejection, so males attempt to keep away from it by maintaining you within the pal zone.

Plus, he’s getting his advantages out of your friendship so he just desires to maintain it like that.

3. He performs the sector

The relationship sport is altering in our society and a lot of fellows at the moment are treating relationship like they’re procuring at Wal-Mart.

They need to hang around with a lot of various ladies to see which of them curiosity them essentially the most.

They want a number of choices at their fingertips so they aren’t compelled into making necessary selections and lacking out on different alternatives.

It’s necessary to take heed to the truth that you might be just an option to him.

If he’s relationship numerous ladies then that’s a severe purple flag.

Let’s be sincere:

In the age of Tinder and on-line relationship functions, all of us have many choices of who we are able to date.

If he just doesn’t need to commit totally to you and he’s clearly enjoying the sector, then meaning that he’s maintaining his choices open.

And look:

He might determine that you’re the most effective option, however for some males, it could actually take time as a result of Tinder and apps like that may be addicting.

You want to determine whether or not this man will ever come round, or if he’s all the time going to maintain casual with you.

4. He avoids speaking concerning the future with you

He desires to maintain you round, however he doesn’t need to be in a relationship with you.

Therefore, he could also be petrified of dropping you if he’s unable to commit.

That’s why he avoids speaking concerning the future with you.

Talking concerning the future is an indication that he desires a dedicated relationship with you. He desires to make it work and he desires to see if you happen to match into his plans.

But if he doesn’t try this, then he clearly doesn’t care if you happen to guys keep collectively sooner or later.

When you need a correct relationship with somebody, you need to build a future collectively. Whether it’s organizing a journey someplace, and even planning to transfer in collectively, future plans are wonderful indications that a relationship goes someplace.

But if this man by no means talks concerning the future, then he might not be considering constructing a relationship with you.

5. He doesn’t need to get severe

When males see the potential in a good girl, they’ll need to get severe.

They might open up and be extra personable with you and focus on the longer term.

He will pull out his emotions and let his guard down to present you that he’s a human being and never just a intercourse toy.

But if this man doesn’t need to speak about his emotions, or something actually, then it means he’s not prepared to commit.

Furthermore, if he avoids seeing you in public and he doesn’t need you to meet his associates or household then it’s doubtless that he’s maintaining his choices open by relationship a number of women however not getting too shut to any of them.

6. He doesn’t take into consideration you if you’re not with him

If he’s considering you, he’ll take into consideration you even when he’s not with you.

He might have conversations with associates about how a lot enjoyable that they had with you or how cute you regarded after they went out final weekend.

They will daydream about what it will be like to spend extra time with you and so they might even think about residing the remainder of their lives with another person.

You’ll know as a result of he’ll textual content you or get in touch with you.

But if this man isn’t eager about you when he’s not with you, then it signifies that he doesn’t have a real curiosity in relationship you.

7. He solely booty calls you

If he by no means makes correct plans with you, and solely contacts you late on a Saturday evening, then that’s not a good signal.

If he’s solely calling you to hook up then it’s doubtless that he doesn’t need a relationship. He desires to use you for intercourse.

Don’t get used, as a result of if you happen to do, then he’ll depart you heartbroken. Don’t imagine that he desires extra when he’s solely with you for sexual consideration.

Try and set up a correct date with him. If he says no, and solely contacts you late on a Saturday or Friday evening, then you’ve got to settle for that your relationship with this man isn’t going wherever.

8. He thinks about his career as a substitute of you

If he’s solely eager about what he does, and never about you in any respect, then it means that he’s not a precedence in his life.

He solely cares about what he does and nothing else, so don’t imagine him when he says that he desires to be with you.

No matter who you might be, if you happen to like somebody, then you definitely need to be with them emotionally, socially and bodily. You make them a precedence, regardless of how busy you might be.

But if this man places his career forward of your emotions, then he’s not best for you.

It’s time to transfer on, my pal.

9. He refuses to commit to a relationship with you

This might be the most important indicator that he’s maintaining his choices open. He says he likes you however refuses to commit totally and asks if you happen to may be just associates with advantages.

Some guys will agree and others say that it’s an excessive amount of for them to deal with in the intervening time. That’s when you realise he doesn’t need a correct relationship with you.

The backside line is that this:

In the tip, if you happen to’re in search of love and dedication then you definitely want to make that individual a precedence.

You can’t just casually maintain somebody round as an option.

If this man just retains you round for some enjoyable, then it’s doubtless he’s solely seeing you as an option, and he’s not prepared to commit.

10. He refuses to outline your relationship

If you guys have been relationship for a short time and also you need the subsequent step, then it’s necessary that he defines your relationship.

If he can’t outline what your relationship is, then he might not need to put money into it.

He might solely be utilising you as an option and never deal with you want a precedence. He doesn’t view you as his girlfriend and possibly sees different women as choices too.

He is aware of that if he defines you as his girlfriend, then he can’t see different ladies. And if he defines you as FWB then you definitely would possibly get aggravated and depart him.

So he refuses to outline something as a result of he desires to maintain you as an option however doesn’t need to commit totally.

11. He just doesn’t make an effort to get to know you

If he’s not making any effort to get to know you and never asking you questions on yourself, then he could also be maintaining his choices open.

That’s as a result of he doesn’t view you as a precedence in his life. He doesn’t care whether or not you’re glad or not, subsequently he would reasonably steer clear of it.

If you might be in search of somebody who will take the time to perceive and get shut to you, then this man might be not best for you.

When you genuinely like somebody, you’ll make an effort to find out about them. You will ask them questions on their life, and also you’ll discover out what makes them tick.

12. He is consistently making excuses

He forgets your Birthday however chalks up an excuse that he has been busy with work.

He hasn’t contacted you for a week, however he makes a lame excuse that he’s out of cellular credit score.

The fact is, this man makes excuse after excuse since you’re not a actual precedence to him.

He desires to have you ever round as an option, however he doesn’t need to be in a dedicated relationship with you.

A man that basically likes you’ll be there for you and they’re going to make an effort.

So if this man is making excuses to justify his dangerous habits, then he’s mendacity and you’ll be higher off with out him.

What you must do about it…

1) Don’t overreact or make calls for

When you want a man who’s just maintaining you as an option it may be tempting to name him out and put your foot down.

If you do that, nonetheless, it’s going to backfire.

If he will get severe it can all the time have an undercurrent of you “pressuring” him. If he flakes out you’ll lose no matter connection you do have.

Move sluggish and contemplate your subsequent transfer. If you need extra with him you’ve got to perceive him and what makes him tick.

2) Trigger his hero intuition

Every man has a deep organic swap that determines whether or not or not he desires to commit to a girl.

Relationship psychologist and counsellor James Bauer calls it “the hero instinct.”

This revolutionary idea is extraordinarily essential to perceive and grasp.

Because if you happen to can set off your man’s hero intuition you may make him voluntarily need to commit to you.

Coined by relationship skilled James Bauer, this fascinating idea is about what actually drives males in relationships, which is ingrained of their DNA.

And it’s one thing most ladies don’t know something about.

Once triggered, these drivers make males into the heroes of their very own lives. They really feel higher, love tougher, and commit stronger after they discover somebody who is aware of how to set off it.

Now, you might be questioning why it’s known as “the hero instinct”? Do guys actually need to really feel like superheroes to commit to a girl?

Not in any respect. Forget about Marvel. You gained’t want to play the damsel in misery or purchase your man a cape.

The best factor to do is to take a look at James Bauer’s wonderful free video right here. He shares some simple ideas to get you began, reminiscent of sending him a 12 phrase textual content that may set off his hero intuition instantly.

Because that’s the great thing about the hero intuition.

It’s solely a matter of figuring out the suitable issues to say to make him understand that he desires you and solely you. 

Click right here to watch the free video.

3) Pursue your passions

Instead of specialising in this man and the way he feels about, focus in your targets and passions.

There’s nothing extra engaging than a girl who is aware of her worth and chases her goals.

Let him see that you simply don’t rely upon him and make sure of your personal price despite his poor perspective.

4) Be much less accessible

There’s no cause to be accessible to a man who doesn’t take you significantly.

Unless you are also in search of one thing fairly casual, it’s completely truthful for you to be much less accessible.

Tell him you’re busy subsequent time he texts.

Smirk at his subsequent joke with a semi-sarcastic expression as a substitute of laughing.

You’re not his doormat, and he’ll have to do a lot extra to earn your affection.

Proceed accordingly.

5) Stop throwing yourself at him

There’s a temptation when a man is distant or uncommitted to throw yourself at him.

Whatever you do, don’t do that.

It’s unattractive, plus it offers him all the facility.

By not having the ability to learn you want an open guide, he’ll want you extra and need to discover out all there’s to learn about you.”

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