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10 Most Important Nutrients For Women

Nutrients are your greatest buds. Make positive so as to add them in the correct amount to keep away from all kinds of maladies – identical to these women.

Well, first let’s give an enormous spherical of applause to ourselves for not taking our well being for granted. You know why? That’s as a result of now we have had a significant realisation that forsaking well being for the sake of wealth isn’t a sustainable concept. The reality is which you could put money into your self at present to reside a wholesome life sooner or later. And many people are doing it already!

On the event of Nutrition Week 2021, we spoke to 10 women, who spilled the beans on how including some particular nutrients to their day by day food plan has helped them in an enormous method. Come, let’s learn what every of them has to say.

Yashika (28) added iron to maintain fatigue at bay

“We all know iron is one of the most essential nutrients. But I noticed the need to add it to my diet, when fatigue began to set in. Even after 8 hours of sleep, I used to feel tired as hell. When I went for a diagnosis, it turned out that I had an iron deficiency. Frankly, I saw this coming because it’s an obvious one. But now, I make sure that I eat something that’s iron-rich. I consume spinach and almonds regularly, and finally, I have also said yes to seafood. Trust me, my menstrual cycle has also come back on track, thanks to iron.” Iron-rich meals might help in you keep away from anemia.

Taranum (35) opted for calcium for higher bones

“We don’t realize the importance of weak bones, until the time they start paining. Thanks to my desk job and sedentary lifestyle, I developed weak bones when I was around 31. Actually, hua kya ki, even the minor slips or falls started translating into fractures and that was really annoying. After consulting a doctor, I was told that not just my calcium levels, but some other nutrients that help in better absorption of calcium were also on the lower side. So, now I have added calcium and vitamins like D and B to my diet – both natural and supplements.”

Debbie (29) wished extra of collagen for magnificence functions

“Well, I opted for collagen gummies for beauty reasons only. My friend told me that she has been eating them for almost three months, and her skin, nails, and hair are showing good results. So, that’s why I decided to try it out! Let’s wait and watch what collagen has in store for me.”

Manisha (32) added extra nutritional vitamins to her food plan for immunity

“Thanks to coronavirus, everyone has been talking about vitamin C and other nutrients. Trust me, I am the most fragile child in our family, which is why the doctor recommended that I nosh on various sources of vitamin C, be it amla, lemon, mausami, and whatnot. Although I was infected with covid-19, surprisingly, my recovery was faster and the infection wasn’t all that severe. As per my doc, it was because I repaired my immune system by including vitamin C. Now, I’m not gonna skip it for sure.”

Omega 3 was one thing that Aditi (39) wished to check out

Sab fats bure nahi hote, period! The only choice that I made was to opt for the ones that wouldn’t have a negative impact on my health. Basically, good fats. So, I opted for omega-3 supplements, so that my skin and joints can stay nourished.”

Megha (37) went for folic acid, as she is pregnant

“Being pregnant is all about a nutrition overload! But I wanted to eat everything in a balanced manner. Unfortunately, there are not many natural sources of folic acid, so I went for supplements. But one thing I noticed after consuming this nutrient is that I neither feel lazy nor dizzy – which is common during pregnancy. Yes, vegetable juice is something that I have added to my regular diet, which is also helping me to maintain the folic acid levels.”

Niharika (27) opted for magnesium to take care of her blood sugar ranges

“I have type-2 diabetes. For me, whatever I eat means a lot. Maintaining my blood sugar has been as challenging as climbing Mt Everest, but then I came across some Insta posts regarding the benefits of adding magnesium to your diet. I checked with my doctor and she gave a nod. After that, I searched for all that I could eat. Apart from adding soy, because I’m allergic to it, I added nuts, oats, egg yolk, and barley to my diet. And all of them worked like a wonder pill.”

Renu (42) added probiotics for higher intestine well being

“If I skip any of my meals, I literally become a burp bomb. That’s due to acidity. I mean at times it was so painful that my abdominal pain became worse than period cramps. But adding probiotics has been the best decision I have made diet-wise. It keeps my gut calm, and there is no frequent acid reflux. Plus, I have started working out, so that’s helping too.” Yogurt has been conserving you wholesome for all this whereas.

Falak (26) added extra fibre to beat constipation

Ek constipated insaan ka dard, dusra constipated insaan hi samajh sakta hai. I was literally miserable. And all this happened, because I was dependent on bahar ka khana and was hardly eating fruits and veggies. Result, constipation. Thankfully, meri aankhen khuli and now I have made this rule that I will have at least two fruits or a bowl of salad in a day. It was hard initially, but constipation se bura toh kuch nahi ho sakta.”

Akansha (24) opted for protein to achieve muscular tissues

“I was literally tired of being called out for my weight. Plus, I used to feel weak myself. Thanks to my protein-rich diet and weight training schedule, I have started gaining muscle. So, I start my day with eggs, and include peanut butter, cheese, and yogurt. I also eat chicken breast twice a week. It’s still a long way to go, but I’m hoping that I can see results.”

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