10 Bad Signs You Are Using Someone (Even If You Don’t Know It But)

“One human life is worth more than all the treasures of the earth.”

– Seth Smith

We all wish to suppose we recognise these round us and worth their humanity:

None of us desires to make use of anyone. Sadly, many people do it with out even realising we are. Here’s how you can discover out if you’re unintentionally using individuals.

10 bad signs you are using someone (even if you don’t know it but)

What does it imply to ‘use’ someone, anyway?

Using someone can manifest in lots of varieties. But the underside line is that it means a scenario the place you are placing what an individual can do for you above the particular person themselves.

Using someone is a nasty behaviour that many people fall into at numerous occasions.

Here’s how you can examine if you’re unintentionally using someone in an unfair or exploitative method.

1) You solely discuss to them when you have an issue or want

Think about these round you and your relationships with them.

This can embody household, mates, romantic companions and even strangers.

When do you discuss to them and why? It could also be for a lot of causes, so attempt to zero in on the commonest motivations you have.

For instance, after I go in a clothes retailer I primarily discuss to the employees to be able to get assistance on discovering my dimension.

Or after I discuss to a buddy who’s far-off, I primarily ask about how they’re doing and make amends for life.

But then I discover myself typically speaking to my mother and others near me for much less selfless causes: when I’ve an issue or want one thing from them.

This is the factor about “using” individuals. It’s not at all times dramatic or horrific, and it typically takes small and sneaky varieties.

If you solely discuss to sure individuals when you want one thing from them, you are – by definition – using them.

2) You count on them to pay on your life

All of us develop up with some sort of guardian or father or mother taking duty for us, even if it’s a social welfare system.

As such, every of us begins out life small and susceptible.

We begin consuming and needing clothes and shelter from day one. But we don’t begin working till we’re often 16 or 17 in most Western nations.

At a sure age, nonetheless, we take duty for ourselves. This could come to incorporate a companion and youngsters who we additionally assist present for, or assist we offer to shut members of the family.

It’s not like all the faculty college students nonetheless dwelling with mother and pa are only a rumour!

So are they using their mother and father? Yes, completely. But using someone has two meanings, which is why it’s vital to get to the following level.

3) Using someone vs. solely using someone

We all work together with one another in typically transnational methods: that’s actually a part of life.

If I name my greatest buddy and ask if they can assist me out with one thing, that’s “using” them, a minimum of in that second.

But then the following day we meet for a barbecue and join about our households and the way issues are going.

Using someone turns into an issue on the level that what they may give you turns into the one factor you worth in them.

So, taking the prior instance, if you reside together with your mother and father as a school scholar there’s nothing inherently exploitative or “wrong” with that.

But if you ignore your mother and father and infrequently consider them besides if the energy invoice is due, then you could be regarding them primarily by what they may give you.

That is gloomy, and it does result in frayed relationships and a really transactional world that none of us wish to reside in, the place humanity falls by the wayside to commerce and the almighty greenback.

4) You need others to plan and chart your life for you

For years I hoped and anticipated family and friends to determine my life for me.

“When does my real life start?” I’d demand angrily.

Well, it by no means began till I took some steps by myself and stopped anticipating different individuals to reside their lives for me.

But I know how it feels to make use of individuals for recommendation and solutions. You simply need someone, virtually anybody to inform you what the hell is happening and how you can discover the answer.

So how can you overcome this sense of being “stuck in a rut”?

Well, you want extra than simply willpower, that’s for certain.

I realised about this from Life Journal, created by the highly-successful life coach and instructor Jeanette Brown.

You see, willpower solely takes us up to now…

And it’s not very far.

The key to reworking your life into one thing you’re passionate and passionate about takes perseverance, a shift in mindset, and efficient purpose setting.

And whereas this would possibly sound like a mighty process to undertake, because of Jeanette’s steering, it’s been simpler to do than I may have ever imagined.

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Now, you could marvel what makes Jeanette’s course totally different from all the opposite personal improvement packages on the market.

It all comes down to 1 factor:

Jeanette isn’t keen on being your life coach.

Instead, she desires YOU to take the reins in creating the life you’ve at all times dreamt of getting. A life by which you don’t have to make use of anybody.

So if you’re able to cease dreaming and begin dwelling your greatest life, a life created in your phrases, one which fulfils and satisfies you, don’t hesitate to take a look at Life Journal.

5) You don’t hearken to what they are saying to you

Another of the bad signs you are using someone (even if you don’t know it but) is that you simply don’t hearken to what they are saying.

Sure, you hear the phrases go into your ear…

But then it instantly exits your different one. You simply don’t care sufficient to listen to what they’re saying or why.

You’re solely targeted on what they’ll do for you or what you want from them at this time limit.


Modern life is more and more hectic and busy! We all transfer at lightning-speed and wish fast outcomes. If particular person A can’t give you what you need, possibly particular person B can.

But the extra you embrace this logic, the extra you’ll begin using individuals round you in an exploitative method.

6) You solely assist them if they can assist you

Another of the bad signs you are using someone (even if you don’t know it but) is that your favours at all times have situations hooked up.

This isn’t at all times apparent straight away, so take into consideration it fastidiously.

For instance, if you give your buddy a journey at the moment and suppose no extra of it, you could think about the matter settled.

But bear in mind three days later when you requested them if you may borrow $200 to pay for one in every of your automobile repairs?

That sounds loads to me like calling in a favour and buying and selling favours for favours.

One of essentially the most damaging ways in which we are able to use others is by helping them with strings attached.

Everything should have a value. And it’s not at all times financial both.

You could assist your girlfriend out with a piece subject she’s having by giving her nice recommendation.

Then you count on her to hearken to you vent about how a lot you hate your dad for every week and unload poisonous venom about why trendy society disgusts you.

This is simply one other model of tit-for-tat and using someone. Avoid it!

7) You solely like them for what’s between their legs

Let’s get actual:

One of the commonest methods we use different individuals is sexually.

Another of the bad signs you are using someone (even if you don’t know it but) is that you primarily use them as an outlet on your sexual need.

You textual content at night time for a booty name or ask them how their day was when actually you simply wish to see them of their panties or underwear.

You’re using them, and it’s finally a shallow and quite immature habits.

Sure, they could be using you too! They would possibly even get pleasure from the best way you’re using them as a intercourse object and glorifying their abs or tits.

But eventually you’ll have to come back to phrases with the best way this interplay is reducing someone to a set of physique elements.

Are you certain that’s who you wish to be?

8) You discuss an enormous recreation however by no means ship house runs

Another one of many bad signs you are using someone (even if you don’t know it but) is that you are all discuss, no motion.

You hold them in your internal circle with lots of easy discuss and guarantees.

But when it comes time to assist them out or actually be there for them, you’re nowhere to be discovered.

You say all the proper issues, smile on the proper occasions, however you’re not finally an excellent companion, buddy or relative. You’re simply enjoying an element in a film.

You need the entire advantages and not one of the prices.

9) You really feel like you want their assist to get what you need

Let’s face it:

One of the principle causes that we typically use different individuals is that we don’t really feel ok to get what we would like on our personal.

We need their money, their time, their sympathy and possibly even their love to be able to really feel ok.

I’ve been there, and it’s a tough place to be!

So how can you overcome this insecurity that’s been nagging you?

The simplest method is to faucet into your personal energy. You see, all of us have an unbelievable quantity of energy and potential inside us, however most of us by no means faucet into it.

We grow to be slowed down in self-doubt and limiting beliefs. We cease doing what brings us true happiness and attempt to discover someone else who will give us what we would like and make us completely satisfied.

But it doesn’t work!

I realised this from the shaman Rudá Iandê. He’s helped hundreds of individuals align work, household, spirituality, and love to allow them to unlock the door to their personal energy.

He has a singular strategy that mixes conventional historical shamanic techniques with a modern-day twist. It’s an strategy that makes use of nothing however your individual internal power – no gimmicks or faux claims of empowerment.

Because true empowerment wants to come back from inside.

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10) You cross boundaries when you’re determined

All of us get determined at occasions, and that may trigger us to push more durable than we should always on people who we love.

But it will also be a typical signal that we’re using someone.

We cross boundaries and disrespect them after they disappoint us.

We deal with them like they are a human merchandising machine who’s by some means obligated to provide us what we would like.

This is a very darkish path to go down that finally leads others to additionally treating us like we’re solely merchandising machines.

It’s important to respect others even after they frustrate us by not understanding us or giving us what we would like.

Failure to take action leads down a self-defeating cycle of disappointment.

Why you use individuals and how you can cease doing it

We primarily use individuals once we really feel that we’re not ok or enough with out what they’ll present.

We use individuals once we’re trapped in a state of fear and disempowerment.

Turning this round is all about realising the ability you maintain inside your self…

And concurrently realising that other people round you are simply as flawed as you, but additionally simply as deserving of respect as you!

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